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A strategic leader with a broad range of progressive experience and over 25 years of management success, Howard is the founder and CEO of Premier Healthcare, Consulting, LLC (PHC). He has held key positions with corporations of various sizes and has a reputation for developing and executing strategies and programs to grow businesses and people. He is a leader for positive change. His goal is to make people, businesses and organizations better as a result of association with them.

Founded in 2011, Premier Healthcare Consulting, LLC (PHC) has been a widely used consulting firm serving insurers, managed care and provider organizations on issues related to Behavioral Health, Commercial, Dental, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Duals Programs, ACOs and Health Exchange (HIX) programs. PHC specializes in provider network development and complex contracting. It has been involved in network analysis and strategy and provides expertise as to how to achieve optimal networks as well as program development, process improvement, quality control, and healthcare operations.


PHC has delivered solutions and provided support for some of the nation’s top insurers. along with regional health plans, special-needs organizations, specialty insurers, health systems, ACOs, and multi-specialty provider groups.


At PHC, we are passionate about the healthcare industry and about getting it right. We are proud of our reputation to consistently deliver reliable and maintainable solutions. Our clients count on PHC to provide expert network analysis and strategy, to implement long-lasting solutions as we meet client needs.


We are passionate about our solutions and equally passionate about our team. PHC’s team is selected based upon the scope of work needed by the client. It is built around each team member’s demonstrated success in past operating positions within the industry. That expertise is combined with experience gained from years of problem solving for a broad range of clients. It is a matchless mix.

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